Our Demo Rooms

We have four demonstration rooms that allow us to show and demonstrate a wide range of performance options for our customers.

An opportunity to compare products and see what you like best!

Our basement Home Cinema room was built in 2000 and was designed as a millennium statement to mark the changes in our business over the last fifteen years. The system in our demo room is set up for either stereo two channel use, or full cinema surround sound and uses the Meridian 861 Reference surround processor for both purposes. Finally, our demo room also includes Lutron lighting control and some of the latest examples of our Crestron control solutions using an iPad as the interface.

The room also allows us to demonstrate the Naimnet and Netstreams multi-room system, B&W in-wall speakers and our range of music and video servers. We have used a lot of different lighting in the room in order to show off the capabilities of a Lutron lighting system. Lighting control is a really desirable and useful function, particularly within a home cinema room. For a bit of fun, one of the things that we've done is to use the Lutron system to bathe the ceiling in differing colours.

The pictures below show two of the different colour changes possible at the press of a button.

Hi-Fi Systems Basement Cinema Demo Room Home Cinema Room

A complete approach, a complete experience.

The whole room is controlled by a Creston system. The flexibility of a touch screen system like Crestron, makes using a system like this a simple and intuitive task. Imagine this: you press the (virtual) button that says 'Watch a movie'. Then a projector screen begins its descent from a hidden cavity in the ceiling, the lights dim a little bit, the projector turns on, a DVD moves to its options page, a moderate volume level is selected, the lights dim a bit more, the Crestron controller changes to a specific control DVD page, the film starts, the volume goes up a bit and the lights go off. It's close to magic.

On the ground floor we have three more demonstration rooms, one of which is primarily used for AV systems, one dedicated to LOEWE TV and one for hi-fi demonstrations.

As we carry such a wide range of equipment on demonstration, we generally set these rooms up for each specific customer demonstration and for this reason we usually operate by appointment so we can give you the personal attention that you require when you visit us.

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