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Hi-fi systemsHere, in Canonbury Yard, we have created a purpose-built facility, mainly on one floor (wheelchair access), with four air-conditioned listening studios and lots of free parking.

In 2002 Arena magazine described Grahams Hi-Fi as "One of the five best hi-fi shops in the world".

The difficulty that faces most people who want to buy any sort of entertainment technology is that they don't know where to start. Apart from enthusiasts, few people have any knowledge of the subject and most are terrified of wasting their money or being sold a pup. Recognise the symptoms? It is only with hindsight that one can see how Grahams tackled these problems. We evolved a professional approach, based on the 'personal service' for which we were already well known, centred on the basis of spending as much time with each customer as is necessary.

How We Work With Our Clients

Time is spent with each visitor, analysing his or her needs. We will ask about the type of music that will be played, the size of the room, the loudness requirement, the look of the speakers. For a more complex system which includes lighting control and automated functions, we need to find out what degree of control is required and how other family members will use the system.

The same can be said for all our equipment, which goes through an exhaustive selection process by our staff. This means that any product we sell, we believe in ourselves. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the products we sell, and can therefore recommend the right product for the right person. 

For a music system, a short-list is prepared of the alternatives and the customer is given the opportunity to listen to the differences. Again, time is spent (and a great deal of accumulated skill) introducing valid criteria that encourage the right, long-lasting choices to be made, based on musical evaluation: pitch, tempo, resolution of detail and the ability to follow the music easily, with no sense of fatigue.

For a more complex, whole-home system, a detailed proposal is prepared, which outlines how everything will work in your home and what level of control and functionality you will have in each room.

Above all, at Grahams we want your experience to be fun! We feel we've failed unless the customer has enjoyed the process of selection. The real kick comes when your friends tell you how much more involving their music is on your system! Or when they are overwhelmed by Star Wars, saying "It was just like going out to a real cinema!"

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